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Sustained economic growth is not sustainable.

The waters of the Antarctic are becoming stews of plastic; this plastic is being ingested by our fellow creatures. The Arctic is melting and there are storms abound in June in the South of England. Every ten minutes a species on this earth faces extinction. The streets in which we live are full of rubbish and the detritus of our lives. It's not just litter; it's remnants of our war with our environment.

Everywhere man has gone to war with our World. That is a real World War. We are winning and the World is losing.

We call it culture; economic growth; progress. Countries and people grasp it; lust after it, and seek badges of its existence. Wealth is a badge and we never have enough. Yet continuous economic growth is not sustainable, and when wealth, man and the environment interact, the immediate damage will be to the environment. We believe that it also damages man.

How much is enough?

Successive ages have chosen the wrong path. Continuous economic growth is not sustainable. It will destroy the environment and mankind unless we find another path. This has little to do with being green. It has nothing to do with achieving the badge of BREEAM. That is just money to the BRE as any other form of business. It has everything to do with the way we live. Consumerism; capitalism; economic growth; market drivers: is this how we wish to live? Do we really care little for what we do to others, other creatures, and our environment? Is success really measured by a bank balance, fashion, a green lawn and more rooms in one's house than one can live in? We have ignored the real value of existence.

It is our intrinsic value not to try and make our buildings look sustainable, but to seek the balance again with the environment, with the world in which we live. That is psychological; it is physical; it is connecting man again with his environment.