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Nestled in the South Downs where they tumble down to Brighton, Lewes and the sea. We are an hour from Central London and less than two hours from anywhere in the UK by plane, being just 30 minutes from Gatwick. From here we work on projects in Scotland, West Wales, the North East, North West and all parts of the UK. We have from here worked in China, Russia, Bosnia and Herzogovnia and places smaller than that. Distance matters not. At 8 in the morning we will be at any project meeting.

Here we are creative without being fettered by the fashion and style of London. Here we are efficient, highly effective and focused on delivery, not reliant on the vagaries of commuting. Here we breathe freely and enjoy a different way of working. Here we deliver better buildings.

The Studio
Brighton Road, Housedean
Lewes, Sussex
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